Oh, what lovely flowers!


Frequently Asked Questions

All the flowers sold at ‘Oh What Lovely Flowers!’ are seasonal and are picked to order. Please contact us to place an order, we would love to hear from you.

Do you offer a delivery service? Delivery available within a 5 mile radius, or you can collect them from us.

How can I pay? Payment is by cheque or cash. Please contact us for current prices. 

Do you use pesticides? No, all our flowers are organically grown without using chemicals. This encourages wildlife to flourish in our gardens!

Do you offer a gift wrapping service? Yes, please discuss your requirements and allow 24hours. If there are any specific colours you like that we don't have, this may require extra time.

There is a specific flower that I had in mind, will that be possible? It will not always be possible to match the flower you had in mind, because they are grown seasonally, and the one you had in mind may not be grown without the aid of a green house. If you discuss with us the look you have in mind, I'm sure we will be able to create the right look and feel to compliment your occasion. 

Where do you sell your flowers? In the growing season, we will post on the website where and when we will be selling the flowers. The best idea is to give us a call and we can have a chat!

For any other questions, please do get in touch.

Tel: 01691 611 835

Email: kate@ohwhatlovelyflowers.co.uk

Please note: As our flowers are seasonal and grown in the great outdoors, we can only supply you between the months of May and September.